Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bash memories

What a great idea! I never was in a blog before. I have lots of great memories even though I didn't stay all week. Ella rushing down the stairs into the dance was sure a good one. Surprise,s surprise when Bernadette came on to start the dance was pretty good too. Friday was a great overall day. Friday morning, after breakfast at the Shack, watching Ed drop the eggs on the floor and then shout about it, we went back to Ella's and started singing tv theme songs on the porch. Ella then found a website where she could play them for us to sing along to. I remember thinking, I have no responsibilities, I can just do this for as long as I want to. It was pretty cool.

Also Yoga with Erin on the roofdeck on Sunday morning was a great start to the week.

Reiki with Nancy on the roofdeck was very cool also.

Fast walking with Joan at 6:30AM, thinking we went about 3 miles and finding out we walked almost 5!

Thanks for setting this up-
I miss EVERY ONE !!! I had a wonderful time with you all .... thankyou for everything, all the good food, and laughs and silly stuff that dreams are made of !!! nancy

Monday, July 9, 2007

Kudos to Chrissy

This blog was an excellent idea - do you have everyone's address ? if not, let us know and we'll try to fill in ... but good thinking, kid...
My favorite moment was on the dance floor the last night when Ella came flying down the circular stairs as if it was a fireman's pole to dance. I guess she liked the song!

Jane, at least your obsessions taste good!

Oh yeah, I loved when Jacob blushed after talking to the "hot" girls.

FYI, my friends had me over for dinner on Sunday night. They served PORK!

Lindsay, your welcome!



My favorite memory of 2007 was, by far, communicating with Jacob and watching how he is growing more and more social with everyone! Also, I never got to thank Andy for her generosity. I bought fudge at some point during the week, only to wake up one morning to it covered in ants. Andy was nice enough to get me some more fudge!! I will try to post some of my favorite pictures on here once I figure out how to do it! This blog is a great idea, Princess :)

one more thing--

Here are some of the bash memories already collected so far:
- Jacob communicating with his keyboard
- seeing Adam's boat arrive to shore one late afternoon
- the parade & Adam's boat (w passengers) in the parade
- singing at Deauville
- up on the roof w Nancy, music, reiki
- freezing water
- one nice day in the water - Friday
- injury of the Bash: Nigel by far, Nancy's foot
- cops on the beach
- guitar-totin' mushroom takin' dudes at the bonfire
- Chrissy dancing and ?
- pie in the face for ed
- horseshoes!
- food
- young adult bodies lying around the house
- great fireworks
- newcomer Dave - a good time w him
- newcomer Kate
- Samantha's birthday
- Ed, Lyn, Keith & Ella on the beach late at night - Ella is new
'responsible adult'
- bird attacking Reed
- bicycle rentals
- sunburn from sleeping on the beach
- photos in early morning at the water at low tide
- riding the waves w Kevin
- in the water w Jennifer once again - fun
- Ken Austin
- jam and bread

PS: Check back for pictures soon!!


The sausage making was one of the best times for me ( I know it's weird)also being in the house on the beach!! Thanks to all for putting up with my obsessions, especially Ed who I tortured :) I miss you all already!!

bash 07

For some reason, the single most humorous moment for me was out on the beach the last night. We had sang a bunch of old songs (usually spurred on by Mike LaDue, the big guy who doesn't appear every year - but who puts on quite a good show when he does arrive...) and as we were trying to remember the words to some more, Matty yelled over the bonfire at us : "Do you guys know any songs from later than the Civil War ?"


Hey Everyone!  I'm not sure how far this is going to go, but I think that it would be easy to keep track of bash memories and updates through a blog!  Let me know what you think.