Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bash memories

What a great idea! I never was in a blog before. I have lots of great memories even though I didn't stay all week. Ella rushing down the stairs into the dance was sure a good one. Surprise,s surprise when Bernadette came on to start the dance was pretty good too. Friday was a great overall day. Friday morning, after breakfast at the Shack, watching Ed drop the eggs on the floor and then shout about it, we went back to Ella's and started singing tv theme songs on the porch. Ella then found a website where she could play them for us to sing along to. I remember thinking, I have no responsibilities, I can just do this for as long as I want to. It was pretty cool.

Also Yoga with Erin on the roofdeck on Sunday morning was a great start to the week.

Reiki with Nancy on the roofdeck was very cool also.

Fast walking with Joan at 6:30AM, thinking we went about 3 miles and finding out we walked almost 5!

Thanks for setting this up-

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