Monday, July 9, 2007

Kudos to Chrissy

This blog was an excellent idea - do you have everyone's address ? if not, let us know and we'll try to fill in ... but good thinking, kid...


Princess Chrissy said...

thanks! i'm not sure, these are the people who were invited but haven't accepted yet (i got them from a mass bash email):

Steve Foote,Stella Bust, Sadie Tettemer, Quinn,
Pam Moore, Nigel Wallace, Nancy McLendon, Mike LaDue, Mary Gilmer, Leslie Snyder, Leslie, Kevin Wall, Kate Clauhs, John Lennox, Joan Lorah, Jennifer Foote, Ilse Mohn,
Grace Bauer, Erin Lennox, Eric Roed, Ellen Home, Eli Bust, Evan Molyneaux, Dave McCallister, Dave DeEsch,
Carol and Owen, Alix Kulanko

I know the list is long, but there are a lot of people! let me know if i missed anyone

ella said...

I think you covered everyone except maybe Lyn Tettemer - and Matty _ and Keith who I don't have and Isaac (Nigel's brother in Hawaii) who I don't have either and who the hell is Ellen Home ?? once again, stellar idea, kid... oh, and Francesca - who I will try to get to you...E

Jane said...

Ellen Home is Reed's sister in Colorado