Monday, July 9, 2007

one more thing--

Here are some of the bash memories already collected so far:
- Jacob communicating with his keyboard
- seeing Adam's boat arrive to shore one late afternoon
- the parade & Adam's boat (w passengers) in the parade
- singing at Deauville
- up on the roof w Nancy, music, reiki
- freezing water
- one nice day in the water - Friday
- injury of the Bash: Nigel by far, Nancy's foot
- cops on the beach
- guitar-totin' mushroom takin' dudes at the bonfire
- Chrissy dancing and ?
- pie in the face for ed
- horseshoes!
- food
- young adult bodies lying around the house
- great fireworks
- newcomer Dave - a good time w him
- newcomer Kate
- Samantha's birthday
- Ed, Lyn, Keith & Ella on the beach late at night - Ella is new
'responsible adult'
- bird attacking Reed
- bicycle rentals
- sunburn from sleeping on the beach
- photos in early morning at the water at low tide
- riding the waves w Kevin
- in the water w Jennifer once again - fun
- Ken Austin
- jam and bread

PS: Check back for pictures soon!!


Austin said...

These are memories from last year, Princess!

Lloyd Belmont and Dr. Roscoe Detweiler, PhD said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Princess Christine is unable to differentiate from one year to the next. Please disregard. She lives on a higher plane than most mortal men and knows no boundaries in the time-space continuum. There was no pie in Ed's face this year but Princess Christine remembers quite clearly a piece of Samantha's ice-cream cake in Ed's face from three years from now.

Princess Chrissy said...

you may be right, but i thought i ought to post them anyway, as a kick-off!